5 Reasons Why We Love Xero

Expend Team

01 December 2020

As fun as the double-entry booking system used by Venetian merchants sounds, accounting systems haven’t come far enough since our continental friends started to implement one back in 1494. Until now that is.

Our friends over at Xero have changed the landscape of accounting for, dare we say, ever, by digitising and updating the outdated methods of previous centuries.

Okay, maybe we’re being a bit overly dramatic, but as business owners, freelancers, and 21st century workers, we’re thrilled to be able to access a whole suite of features that make our accounting systems easier to manage, giving us more time to spend on the things that we do best.

So not only does Xero’s software just generally make doing your accounts straightforward, they’ve created an amazing tool and resource to support an important function of any business. As one of our integration partners, we wanted to share the love so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons we love Xero…

1. They don’t do boring

We wholeheartedly believe in making money management a better experience for everyone involved. This means scrapping the old laborious tasks of collecting, recording and reconciling for a new, more efficient and affordable means of money management.

You may think accounting software sounds quite boring, but Xero are bucking this trend. You just have to look at Xerocon to see a totally different side of the industry with accountants jamming out like it’s a rock concert. With its music, socials, stalls, and industry talks, Xero has designed Xerocon to be the ultimate festival for any accountant. Whether you’re into accounting or not you will be a convert by the end of it!

2. They love companies big and small

From the fresh, newly emerging companies looking to establish themselves to the established behemoths with server loads of accounting procedures, Xero supports them all.

We love what they’re doing to promote and publish all the interesting things businesses are working on when they’re not being bogged down by their accounts! We especially like their interview with Omar Choudry on keeping his cashflow cool…

3. They make seriously good accounting software...

Multi-currency, Xero to Xero payments and transfers, automatic bank records, reusable reports, unlimited users, and a mobile app. Robust, simple, and affordable. Need we say more?

4. … And they don’t charge the earth for it

They have plans to suit every business, at every level, with no long-term fixed contracts, so you can change or cancel at any time. They understand the needs of their users and they’re not looking to trick you into continue using their software.

Once you’re in, you’re in, and you're part of the Xero club, and it feels sooo good. Trust us.

5. And last, but definitely not least, they’ve added us to their Marketplace  :)

We are super proud to announce that our integration has exceeded their partner standards, and we've earned our place on the Xero Marketplace.

Well there you have it... we could go on but where would it end? Needless to say, Xero has brought accounting into the 21st century and we couldn’t be happier that they did, for ourselves, for business owners and for rockstar accountants everywhere!

Check out our Xero integration here

Don't use Xero? Don't worry, we love other accounting platforms too

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