Flex vs. Classic card: What's the difference? 💳

Johnny Vowles

01 January 2021

Our Flex card was born back in 2019 after listening to customer suggestions and brings more flexibility and control over expenses and budgets for companies than ever before! We'll give you more information on our Flex cards below, but first, let's cover our Classic card.

The Classic Card

Expend's original pre-paid card: the Classic card enables you to transfer funds to the card without automatic balance top-ups once these funds have been spent - great for one-off allowances or fixed budgets that might align with a project timeline. Similar to the Flex cards, these cards have customisable security settings including disabling ATM withdrawals or online spending.

The Flex Card goes beyond standard business prepaid cards by allowing you to:

  • Automatically assign custom spending limits to individual employees, based on value or time.

  • Enforce spending policies on employees - if a transaction doesn't meet your rules, it won't complete.

  • Better manage your cash flow. Money is automatically managed between Expend cards based on your rules

  • No more needing to move money around and “top-up cards” continually. A time-saving feature that works for all sizes of organisation.

  • Instantly sync with your accounting software with our class leading, click-free integrations. The most powerful expense management solution yet.

Expend Flex card works with all our classic expense management features including:

  • Out of pocket expenses

  • Cash management

  • Client and job number assigning and rebilling

  • Category and project tracking

Wondering how you could use the new Expend Flex card?

 Here's some feedback from our army of current happy customers: 

  • A field engineer had a £50 per day budget from Monday to Friday to spend on visiting clients.

  • A salesperson stayed in a hotel twice a week and had an admin day working from home on a Friday, so was set a weekly budget of £500.

  • A marketing team had a £3,000 budget per month for advertising, their card was easily set to this monthly limit and the card was limited to only work online.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try our Expend Flex card yourself and see the results immediately for your business.

Want to sign up for Expend Flex cards for your business? You can make an application in minutes HERE today. All new customers receive a 30-day no-obligation free trial. And as always, if you’d like to discuss how we can help you, please get in touch.

Johnny Vowles


He is either brainstorming new ways to change the world of expenses, or building lego with with his kids.

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