Let's talk about our Xero partnership & multi-user support

Expend Team

04 January 2021

Expend successfully launched its Xero partnership and class-leading real-time Xero integration at Xerocon London 2017.

“We’ve learned a huge amount from our iOS users and through working with strategic partners such as Xero, accounting partners, and carefully selected businesses, we are now ready to launch a number of new features that our customers have requested.” Johnny Vowles, co-founder and CEO at Expend.

“The Xero partnership has come at a significant time for Expend with the launch of these new complimentary features. Xero continues to solve accounting issues for the masses with their innovative approach and our partnership with Xero. We are now able to take their expenses management solutions to a level and speed not seen before.” continued Mr Vowles. Edward Berks, director of sales, banking, fintech & ecosystem at Xero. "Our partnership with Expend provides Xero customers and their accountants with a creative solution for managing company spending. The real-time integration it enables frees up valuable time that can be spent on growing the business rather than processing expenses."

When Expend is synced with Xero, this real-time solution offers a powerful integration that gives companies real-time insight into company spending.

Expend’s multi-user dashboard also allows companies to invite new team members, view team transactions and lock cards to reduce errors, fraud and much more, whilst providing the fluid movement of funds between teams and cards in seconds.

Expend Team

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